Introduction To Floral and Stripes….

I am Jamie Lynne, a 24 year old Gluten-Free, Wanderlusting, Decor Hunting, Fashion Addict. I began personal blogging at the age of 12, using classics like LiveJournal and Xanga. The past several years I have been an avid blog reader, and did an Internship with a company called Amped Style-where I blogged about environmentally friendly and humanitarian fashion companies.

Floral and Stripes is my step back into the personal blogging world and an outlet to document and share my day-to- day life of fashion, food, adventures, piecing together a first home and everything else this life entails. I hope as my readers you enjoy, relate, and gain ideas. Thank you for joining me on this journey!

Also a big thanks to my photographer Teddy, this wouldn’t be possible without you! (He also happens to be a very wonderful and fashionable boyfriend)


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