Fall Activities

     photo 5(2)Fall Activities are simply the best activities. I love taking annual trips to pick apples, search for the perfect pumpkin, and spend time with people I love. This year me and Teddy chose to go to Lynd Fruit Farm in Pataskala, OH,  it turned out to be a beautiful day and great time.

photo 3(4)photo 4(2)photo 1photo 2(8)

Ralph Lauren Top, Liverpool Jeans, Patagonia Jacket, Charles Albert Boots, Toscani handbag, Michael Kors Watch, Pepper’s Sunglasses

Nothing says Fall quite like a plaid shirt, jeans, and boots. These Liverpool jeans are one of my favorite pairs I’ve ever owned, they are the perfect amount of stretchy comfortable without over stretching and becoming saggy. Also this was the first time wearing my new Patagonia jacket that I picked up in Utah this past summer, and I am IN LOVE.

I normally wear a Small from Patagonia, but I got this jacket in a Large because I really loved the baggy look and feel. Some people are so self conscious about getting a size larger than what they ‘would normally wear’, which is a concept I never understood. I always try on different sizes of items to see which one gives the look I prefer-yeah the small might fit, but maybe the M looks better, or the XL gives the piece a whole vibe of being loose and flowy. Play around with large sizes; ESPECIALLY when it comes to fall sweaters and jackets.




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