Survival of the Cold


Although I love busting out my chunky sweaters and knee high boots for the cold fall and winter months of Ohio, I do not love what it has to offer my hair, skin and nails. Chapped lips, dry hands, ghost white skin, dry split ends and weak breaking nails are some of my least favorite things. Weatherizing is essential and these items are my salvation.

tumblr_me2glpugH41rkfjowo1_500  Chapped Lips

I have used many lip products over the years including the classic lip smackers, intense blistex, and ever so addicting Burt’s Bees. BabyLips by Maybeline is the best thing to happen to chapstick. My favorite is the Mint-and now they even offer tinted and SPF options.
Image_1_Cucumber_Hand_Lotion_Closed_rev_34Dry Hands

Although I do like EOS lip balm, I love their perfectly sized hand lotion. It fits in all of my bags, smells great, and leaves my hands feeling moisturized when they need it most.
goodonePale Skin
Most people look better with some color, especially when it comes to your face. But it’s well known that tanning beds increase the risk of skin cancer by 75% – yeah 75%, so if you are still going to the tanning bed, I suggest stopping. Jergens Natural Glow is a great alternative. I put it on my face and legs about every other day.
herstyleDry Split Ends

I am the queen of hair masks and trying new concoctions. I do think you should change up hair masks and conditioners on a regular basis to keep giving your hair new nutrients. This is one that I keep coming back to- HerStyler Argan Oil Mask. It has helped keep my hair soft and shiny and I love the smell.
nails  Weak Nails

Constantly painting your nails is never good for them,  so I like to help them out. I recently discovered Sally Hansen Triple Strong-and it may have single-handedly saved my nails. You can feel it putting nutrients back into them and has helped me have less breakage.


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