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November 16th will mark 5 months of living at our new home. Our, as in me, my boyfriend Teddy, our puppy Barkley and kitten Stitch. Transitioning from an apartment to a home has been fun, exciting, stressful, and a big learning process. We are making changes and creating our home day-by-day. I can’t wait to share all of our design and décor process with you all!

The one and only room that we are close to completely done decorating sits in the very back of the house. We spend the most time in this room, hanging out watching tv, working on our computers, and playing with our pets. Every wall in the room is a different texture; brick, woven wallpaper, glass, and wood shelving. There’s also a marble fireplace and spiral staircase-so many textures; who were we to interrupt this?

We played off of the eclectic nature of the room by simply combining pieces we had, finding new ones we liked, and making them all work together.

We started with Teddy’s old Couches from college, which not only fit well but looked great. We also already had a Eurolife Coffee Table,(which is a very functional piece) a Wooden and Wire Side Table(my favorite item in the room) and Red Ottoman, (both handed down from Teddy’s family), a Framed Poster from the Bluebird Cafe we got on a trip to Nashville, an Old Car Ashtray, an Indian statue, and other knick knacks.

We then purchased Woven Throw Pillows from Crate and Barrel (they were on sale for I believe $15 dollars each(ALWAYS check the sale wall at Crate and Barrel.) Then we found the center piece, The Multi-Color Deco Rug, the Easel TV Stand from Restoration Hardware, Framed Sketches Over The Fireplace from IKEA, Books, an Orange Throw, Monster Statues from a trip to Utah, a Yellow Penguin statue from a trip to Cincinnati, and other meaningful things.

We have created a room we love, that works well with what the house gave us. We learned that you don’t need an exact color palette, single inspiring piece, or a pre-designed configuration to make something look like it’s supposed to be together. It will be a room that continues to grow as we do.

stacked coffee table-228x228rugeaselolunda-picture__0099118_PE240711_S4pillowpenguinthrow


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