IMG_1006Denim on denim is yet another trend that is a result of the ‘breaking the rules’ era of fashion. If you asked me a year ago what I thought the biggest fashion faux pas was, it would be a close tie between see-thru leggings and Canadian tuxedos (denim on denim.) It took me a while to accept the trend, but I have really learned to love it; when done right. I’m still not a fan of wearing pieces of the same wash together, but when you mix a light and dark shade, like I did hear with a light chambray top and dark wash jean, it can really make a statement.IMG_0940IMG_1002

IMG_0968IMG_0997J Crew Top, Seven Jeans, Green Statement Necklace, Sam Edelman Booties, Michael Kors Bag, Chanel Lipstick

When putting this outfit together I realized I could literally wear any type of shoe and make it work. The denim on denim look is really versatile and can go from very casual to sophisticated chic. I opted for my tan fringe booties; I bought these guys for Coachella and haven’t worn them since, so I was excited to bring them back out. To add some color to my very blue palette, I tried a few colored necklaces, and when I put on this green and gold stone statement piece, it was magic. This necklace I bought resale-it isn’t the prettiest, but it’s really bold and I looove it. A large majority of my funky jewelry is resale-I love finding little treasures that no one else has at awesome prices. When I saw my old school lime green Michael Kors handbag sitting across the room, I knew it belonged with this outfit. To help my face not get lost in all that denim I put on my Chanel La Precieuse lipstick-my absolute favorite lipstick of all time. I think that putting on a bold red or pink lipstick is imperative when wearing a denim on denim outfit; It adds contrast and really cleans up the look.



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