I Love It: Pastels In Autumn


We saw Pastel colors hit the runway for this season, but you never know if a trend, especially one that is against the grain, is really going to take off. I’d have to say that Pastels have officially become an Autumn staple, and I love it to say the least. It is such a drastic change from the dark and muted colors we often see during this time of year. Seafoam/Mint Green, Pale Pink, and Lilic are definitely the more popular choices. Seafoam is my all time favorite color, so the fact that it is now a year-round color is awesome. Pale pink is a different story for me. I don’t dislike the color pink but I have probably owned no more than 10 pink articles of clothing in my entire life. Seeing this pale shade of pink being worn in the Fall, has shed a whole new light on the color for me. It’s like all of a sudden Pale Pink became a high fashion hue over night and is a color I want more of. Here are some of my favorite Pastel pieces:

topshopTopshop Fluffy Swing Boyfriend Coat $178

mangoMANGO Jacquard Baggy Trousers $69.99

targetModa-Luxe Crossbody Handbag $49.99

topsTopshop Cable Knit Angora Beanie (Also in Pale Pink and Lilac) $32

armaniEmporio Armani Short-Sleeved Top $495

chineseChinese Laundry Area- Lilac Patent $70

Stay posted for my take on Pastels In Autumn.


One thought on “I Love It: Pastels In Autumn

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