From The Shoes Up


Shoes. My second weakness, behind handbags of course. I often use the method of starting my outfit from the shoes up. This method especially works when dress shopping. I have discovered that when I start with a dress, I fall in love with it, and picture it with a very specific shoe. And when I can’t find the right shoe, in the right color, in the right size (which is quite often) it drives me insane.

Now this problem stems off of my bigger problem of hating online shoe shopping. I can never confidently say ‘Oh I’m a size 7 1/2’, depending on the type of shoe and brand I wear from a 7-8.5, and I have found out that I’m a terrible guesser. Ordering and returning shoes just gets too old. So where do you go from there, you find a shoe you love and work with that. When I start with a shoe I don’t get such specific ideas of what dress would work and tend to stay more open minded which leads to way more options. Instead of having the problem of nothing to wear, I have choices, which makes the experience way more enjoyable.





Messeca NYC Shoes, Donna Ricco NY Dress, Marc By Marc Jacobs Bag, XXI Cuff, Kria Bone Bangle, Bebe Earrings

With this outfit I started with my new Messeca New York Carla Wedges. These shoes are the definition of awesome. The sock like part of the shoe can be altered to be at different lengths. You can fold it all the way up to look like a boot, fold it over once to be mid-calf area, or fold it over twice, like I’ve done here, to be bootie-esque. They are basically 3 shoes in one, and you can never go wrong with a black wedge. The shoes are pretty edgey so I wanted to play off of that. I chose a Donna Ricco New York Dress that I found at Nordstrom Rack, which just popped up in my city less than a month ago; Glorious. I love how the dresses cut and fabric is very feminine, but the pattern is very bold and in your face. Then I added my nylon Marc By Marc Jacobs bag, gold hoops, gold cross cut-off cuff, and my favorite bone bangles by Kria; because green and gold were made for each other.

PS if you haven’t heard of Kria jewelry check it out–> 



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