Prints & Leather


Leather is currently everywhere. Leather pants, leather dresses, leather jewelry; all leather er’thing. But a lot of looks I see involving leather are very dressy/night out looks. Leather pants with a peplum top and jewel tone jewelry, leather dresses with sparkling pumps.. Although I do love dressing up leather, I also enjoy dressing it down. This outfit definitely isn’t exactly casual, but it isn’t your typical club wear either. I chose to take a trendy day to night approach with my favorite pair of leather shorts(which used to be pants, until I cut them)and a casual printed top.







Simply Vera Shorts, Bar III Top, BCBG Booties, Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

There’s just something about putting a bold yet delicate printed top with hard leather bottoms. They showcase and compliment each other so well, one doesn’t over take the other. Because both of these pieces are so bold in their own right, I wanted to stick to neutral accessories. This wood necklace is another thrift store find, and I absolutely love it. I could wear it with 80% of my outfits. I highly suggest getting a wood or ceramic cream colored necklace, you won’t regret it. Then I added a darker wood bracelet, sticking to the wood theme without being too matchy-matchy. For my bag I used a cream colored snakeskin clutch that was my grandmothers, I  love the vintage and sentimental value. Last but definitely not least are my shoes, these BCBG leather booties are amazing. They are the combination piece of wood and leather, bringing it all together.

This outfit is a perfect example of mixing patterns, materials, and styles. Your initial thought when seeing this top could be a vest, pair of distressed jeans and flat boots, or when seeing these leather shorts, a dressy tank top and pair of black pumps. Don’t be afraid to mix pieces bought for completely different occasions and situations, you might just find they work better together than apart.



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