Creating Space & Organization in the Kitchen

Kitchen storage is one of the trickiest problems we have faced in our new home. Although we have a decent amount of cabinets and storage, they are in awkward places and are fairly small due to the age of the house. Whether you are renting your current living quarters, or own but can’t afford a total kitchen remodel-there are ways to take on your storage and organization problems.

So how can you create more drawer, countertop and cupboard space in your kitchen? Two words: Wall Organizers.



This utility board by Elfa is awesome. We got ours at The Container Store, where we custom chose the types of hooks and shelves we wanted to have. You can start with a single board like this , and add custom pieces like this and these. Or you can go here and look at pre-made options, and all that they have to offer. It was incredibly easy to install, and really made a big difference in our kitchen by clearing up drawer space, cupboard space, and creating wall art out of items we use everyday. This organizer could be used for so many things, and is something you can take with you from home to home.



This organizer is a lot smaller, but still very effective. Around the sink always gets so cluttered with sponges, brushes, and soap. I really hate storing items you use everyday under the sink, so this wall organizer from IKEA was a perfect solution. This Grundtal Rail comes in different lengths and has a variety of different storage container options to choose from. We chose a small square for our kitchen soap and sponges, and then a small round one to add an indoor plant (which is fake, also from IKEA). If you have more wall space, there is even a dish drying rack and other useful options!



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