Gina’s Closet


What’s more fun than going through your closet and creating outfits? Going through your friend’s closets to create outfits, right? I have friends in so many different parts of the world, all with different tastes and styles, so I thought why not devote an entire section of my blog to them? Introducing My Friend’s Closets.



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Meet Gina, her closet is always a fun one to go through. She’s a fellow Columbus, OH girl, she grew up in Akron and we became friends down at Ohio University. I would described Gina’s style as Trendy Free Spirit. She is a true Maxxinista, always finding deals on the latest trends, but is also attracted to florals and bright colors-giving a lot of her outfits a hippie vibe. When going through her closet I wanted to create two looks that captured both sides of her.

When I saw the plaid Guess peacoat hanging I fell in love. It’s a magnificent shade of red with leather trim, so perfect for this fall, even though it’s a few years old-plaid is forever classic.  The jacket needed to be the centerpiece so we stuck to a simple palate underneath. A black and white peplum top, shimmer black leggings, and awesome black fringe booties. For a handbag I chose a cheetah print Jessica Simpson clutch/crossbody that I’ve always really liked.

For her free spirit look we basically turned a spring look into fall by adding tights and booties. If done right you can accomplish this with almost anything. For the top I chose a pale pink tank, since pastels are now welcome in fall, and covered it with a sheer floral jacket. We then chose some distressed jean shorts, black tights and awesome green suede wedge booties. For a bag this tan studded satchel fit the outfit perfectly. Notice she’s wearing a Michael Kors watch-definitely one of Gina’s signature arm candy pieces.

I love Gina’s style because she constantly changes it up. She always has different hairdos, different combinations of pieces she owns, new looks she hasn’t tried before; Yes she cares what she wears and puts time and effort into it, but she isn’t partial to any one brand or style.

When you own an eclectic closet all you need to do is take a little time to go through and try different pieces in new ways, you’ll be surprised what you can create out of the things you already have.






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