Fauxing Out with Poor Sparrow Jewelry


I am a big supporter of the growing popularity of faux fur. I understand wanting to be warm and fuzzy, having the different texture on your clothing and accessories, and I really do like the look- but is it really necessary to wear real fur?

No I am not a vegetarian. Yes I have leather products. No I am not going to boycott all brands who use real fur. Yes I know that there are MANY other things I could do to support animal rights and be a better human being. But I feel so strongly about not wearing fur because it is just too easy. It is rarely used for function-it is for pure look. Faux fur is so popular now, looks good, feels good, and is high quality these days, that there is just really no excuse.






Faux Fur Vest, Testimony LA Top, Gilly Hicks Jeggings, Sam Edelman Booties, Arcadia Bag, Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses

On a lighter note: I call this faux fur vest my Teddy Bear vest. I found it on a sales rack a couple years ago, and it has been a love affair ever since. It is definitely not the most realistic looking faux fur, which is perfectly fine by me! I usually wear it with a black or white top. I opted for this Testimony Los Angeles black shoulder cut out top-an awesome brand you can find at Faze boutique in Columbus, Ohio and a few other boutiques across the country. Also a pair of ever-so-comfy Gilly Hicks Jeggings, Sam Edelman fringe booties, & my current favorite Arcadia green, gold and leopard handbag, check out Arcadia’s online store here.

For jewelry I am wearing my new chain and collar necklace and arrow bracelet by Poor Sparrow; an awesome mix of vintage & modern handmade jewelry, made right here in Columbus, OH. If you’re not in Columbus, the jewelry is available at her etsy shop Poorsparrow . Here’s a few of my favorite pieces currently available:

Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Funky Copper Bangle

Funky Copper Bangle

Brass Hexagon Earrings

Brass Hexagon Earrings









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