Shades Of Grey


I always try to incorporate color into my wardrobe, but I will forever be a sucker for neutrals, the darker side of neutrals. I just don’t think you can ever go wrong with classic ‘colorless’ colors. They don’t call it the LBD for nothing.






Zara Sweater Dress, Press Vest, Silver Knot Necklace, Silver Cuff, Kelly & Katie Booties

This outfit is clearly all about the grey. I feel like I am a walking pencil grade chart, which i loathed creating in school(all you fashion and artsy people feel my pain.) The vibrant lip color really takes my monochromatic outfit to another level-you need that contrast to not look so drab and gloomy; whether it be in your shoes, handbag, jewelry, or makeup, add a pop of color.

I love this Zara basics sweater dress, it is literally my only sweater dress-they just aren’t my thing. I paired it with an awesome Press vest, It makes such a simple piece have so much more character. Then I thought why not just continue with the grey? I put on my grey Kelly & Katie booties and topped it off with a silver knot necklace and silver cuff bracelet. Not quite 50, but all shades of grey.



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