Recyled With Style


I have been researching, following, and supporting eco-friendly and upcycled fashion brands for several years now. As more and more people take part, it is slowly becoming a trend, and we can only hope that one day we won’t even think twice about wearing, using or decorating with recycled pieces. I strongly support shopping on sites like Etsy or going to local markets and supporting small and local recycled goods companies. On a bigger scale, here are a few brands that are currently at the top of my list:


Noubar is a handbag company started by 2 sisters in Cleveland, Ohio. Each bag is made out of repurposed vinyl derived from archives of former campaigns from their families outdoor advertising business. Each bag is sourced, designed, created, and manufactured in the US, not to mention awesome statement pieces. Noubar Website


Based in Melbourne, Australia,  all items are fair trade accredited, limited edition and hand made using recycled Bomb shell metal, Lucite & Eco Leather. Products range from jewelry, belts, tech accessories, bags etc. They are incredibly fashion forward and have been mentioned in a multitude of magazines including Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. Mettle Website


Bottletop is a London based handbag company started in 20011 by Cameron Saul and Oliver Wayman. Every bag is made from recycled bottle tops. Bottletop also funds the operation of the Bottletop Foundation, which uses contemporary art and music to raise funds and awareness for education projects that tackle delicate teenage health issues such as HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. BottleTop Website

gall-orchis2Katherine Feile

A completely different approach to reusing and recycling old wedding dresses. Katherine Feile recognized that just because the shapes and patterns of old wedding dresses were out of date, didn’t mean the materials were. She collects vintage fabrics: beaded silks and wools, tapestries, handmade laces and vintage wedding gowns, using these discarded gems to create new pieces. Each piece is also hand sewn by her. Katherine Feile Website

uoUrban Outfitter- Urban Renewal

If you weren’t already aware, Urban Outfitters has a line called Urban Renewal. With their brand gaining popularity they were able to start this line which features one of a kind pieces made out of vintage, deadstock and surplus materials from around the world. Each piece is handcrafted in Philadelphia. Urban Renewal Products

pLEVI1-14401836t330x400Levi’s Waste<Less

An even bigger brand who has gotten into the recycled fashion business is Levi’s. Currently only items for men are available, but hopefully this line will continue to grow. Each pair of pants contains recycled PET from plastic bottles and then blended with cotton. Pretty cool concept. Levi’s Waste<Less Products


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