My Traveling Essentials


I’ve never really found traveling stressful, I actually quite like it, minus the terrible ear pain when air pressure is off. I think the reason I enjoy it is because I am always well prepared, and create a comfy environment for myself on the plane, and know what I’ll need when I reach my destination. With the holidays being a top time for travel, here are a few of my top essentials:


1. Carry-On Bag

A great carry-on is always a travel must have. I try to pack everything into it, and if It doesn’t fit I pack my most important/irreplaceable items. I got this amazing Kate Spade Things We Love Carry-On & Stowaway Luggage this past year, and absolutely love it. It’s durable, spacious, comes with a great jewelry/makeup case and I get a ton of complements from people every time I use it!






image_84572. Headphones

I really can’t stand using ear buds, I have small ears and they just don’t work. I absolutely love the look and feel of my Beats Solo headphones. They are also small and compact, making them perfect for travel.







kind_bar_pomegranatebluepistachio 3. Gluten Free Treats

Not even the peanuts they serve on most airlines are Gluten-Free. I always make sure to have a Kind Bar, or 2. I am obsessed with them and usually carry one in my bag at all times anyway. They are at most grocery stores and even at some airport stores. I have yet to try a flavor I don’t like.







scarf4. Large Scarf

I love bringing a scarf with me because I can take it off and use it as a light blanket during the flight. I always feel more comfortable with a blanket-but an actual blanket would take up too much room and be a hassel. If you use a scarf all you need to do is wear it on and off the plane making it fashionable and useful.







137739855. Mini Steamer

I live by my steamer at home, but it is way to big to bring anywhere. Traveling is the time you need a steamer the most, so having a smaller hand held one is essential. Yeah it takes more time than a large one, but is completely worth it. This Conair handheld steamer is perfect. If you’re in a hurry for a meeting etc. it is extremely easy to use in an airport bathroom.






pill6. Travel Pillow

Another item I don’t know how I possibly lived without-a travel pillow. Making life so much better on the plane. Once you travel with one, you’ll never go back. This Samsonite one is comfy and cute and conveniently folds into a small pouch.


6 thoughts on “My Traveling Essentials

  1. Hi, great post! I travel a lot so I have become an expert at packing and I agree with all your items. This year alone I have been to Vegas, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Paris, Miami, Haiti and Jamaica and I have even more planned for next year. I have a travel tab on my blog if you are interested in seeing some photos 🙂 Thanks so much for following me on Bloglovin, I am stopping by to check out your blog and follow back.

    Stop by any time 🙂

    • That’s awesome you get to travel to such amazing places! I went to Vegas and Miami this past week and Paris and Dubai are on my must travel to lists! I will definitely check out your blog, thanks for stopping by!

      Jamie Lynne

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