What Happens In Vegas: My Mini Vegas Guide


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This was my first actual trip to Vegas, this past Spring I got a 12 hour sneak peek when we had a flight cancelation that landed us here on our way to Coachella, but I spent most of that time sleeping to prepare for 3 days of music! I have to say this time around I really fell in love with the city, which Teddy is very happy about, considering he’s been in love with it since the day he turned 21.

I am looking forward to returning and exploring more of the ginormous city, but we really did pack quite a bit into the 3 days we were there.  Here’s my personal guide of things to do while in Vegas:

Where To Stay:

vegas strip

We stayed at Caesars Palace this time around. The rooms were decent, nothing special but it was clean and had a nice view. The gambling is plentiful, the shopping awesome, it’s a great location and they have an awesome salon. However I would not suggest the room service, for how pricey room service is to start with, it was pretty bad.

Last time we stayed at Bellagio and that was a really nice experience, I would stay there again. I would love to stay at the Cosmopolitan next time, the vibe of that building is just really fun. Also if you can afford it, Aria looks like a really cool place to stay as well considering how new it is. I personally think most places on the Vegas Strip would be decent, and an experience.

The Cosmopolitan

The Cosmopolitan

Where To Eat:

1. Cabo Wabo


Our first day while adventuring down the strip, we stopped at Cabo Wabo. It had an inviting patio and looked like people there were having a good time. We got great seats shaded in the sun, ordered some basic mexican style dishes and very delicious margaritas. Music was of a wide variety, and it gave a very relaxed vibe. This is definitely not the spot for fine dining, but for a casual decent meal and great drinks it’s the perfect pit stop on the strip.

2. Koi

photo 2

photo 1

The night we went to Britney, Teddy planned dinner for us at Koi at Planet Hollywood. The environment in Koi was very hip and modern, which made sense when Teddy admitted he had chosen it because it had been featured on Entourage. Our table was a cool looking petite velvet sofa and oval coffee like table, not all seating was like this, but it made the experience unique from the start. We ordered cocktails, which were both very delicious, I can’t quite remember the name of mine but Cucumber was involved (one of my favorites), and were served immediately. The waitress was very helpful with Gluten Free options and service was seriously maybe the best I’ve ever experienced. I would go back to this restaurant again and again; whether it would be to eat or just hang out for drinks.

3. Trevi


For dinner on the last night we headed to Trevi, which is right smack dab in the middle of the Forum Shops At Caesars. It is supposed to give the impression of a sidewalk cafe that you would see in Rome. Once again we were served great cocktails, and I loved the atmosphere. We sat right by the huge fountain, and were in the middle of the craziness, yet it still felt quaint and romantic. The food was good, not amazing, but very good. Options were comparable to many Italian restaurants.

4. Gelato Stand In Caesars Forum Shops

photo 1-4

I am a huge Ice Cream fan, especially when it comes to Gelato. I’m not sure if there are multiple Gelato stands in the shops but I believe this was the only one. When I saw it, we had to have it. The most delicious Gelato I’ve ever had, granted I’ve never been to Europe. My favorite flavor was the strawberry with chocolate chunks.

Shows To See

1. Britney Spears

photo 2-3

photo 3-3

I know this isn’t the cheapest, most flexible, or the most available show to see, but if you can get your hands on some tickets I highly suggest going. We grew up with Britney, and Vegas is the perfect place for her. She’s always been a performer, and it really was quite a show. Although some of her performance options were a little strange, it didn’t matter. 90% of her show is classic oldies and hits of hers and a couple of new songs are thrown in there, including my favorite; Work Bitch. It was an experience and really awesome to see her get so into it and feed off of the crowd.

2. Absinthe 

photo 3-2

This show was seriously awesome, and if you’re okay with provocative raunchy humor than you must, must go see this show. Huffington Post is even quoted publishing “If you see one show in your entire life, make it Absinthe!”. The show is a variety circus act including amazing acrobatics, stand up comedy, burlesque, and other random entertaining elements. It’s a very small intimate space, inside of  a tent right outside of Caesars Palace. I am glad I wasn’t in the first two rows though, those were the audience members getting called out and picked on-but if you’re into that than get a front seat.

3. Tiesto and/or any DJ at Hakkasan

© Al Powers, PowersImagery.com

photo 4-2

This was a seriously amazing time. Hakkasan was a $100 million dollar project and it turned out pretty incredible. After waiting in line for about 30 minutes you enter a set of lots of staircases, you would have no idea you are about to walk into a crazy party. Cover was a little steep, $40 for me and $100 for Teddy, but we both agreed it was completely worth it. Drinks are pricey too so pre gaming is definitely a must. The room we entered was the main room, which you can stay at and join the huge crowd or go up a set of stairs to a balcony area, you can’t see the show well unless you have a VIP area but we snuck are way into a couple. When down in the main crowd they passed out bracelets that changed colors and went to the beat together-it looked so cool. Confetti was dropped, balloons were dropped later, people were purchasing glow in the dark bottles that cost $25,000, yes $25,000. Tiesto did an awesome job DJing and put on quite a show. I’ve never experienced anything like this place and it was just a really fun and different experience.

Where To Shop

1. The Shops At Crystals-Aria



photo 4-4


For your high end fashion Aria is pretty amazing. They have an extensive amount of high fashion shops with beautiful window displays and amazing product. Stores range from my favorite-Valentino, Tom Ford, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton etc. Even if you can’t afford to shop here I suggest checking it out.

2. The Forum Shops at Caesars



photo 5-2


The Forum Shops at Caesars were definitely my favorite. They still have some of your high-end fashion stops, but they have a lot of the ‘hip’ fashion too and the lower lines. For example the have Marc Jacobs and they have Marc by Marc Jacobs. They have Armani, Emporio Armani, and Armani Exchange. So there are places you can admire and places you can actually shop.

photo 5


Keep in mind this is just my mini guide of Vegas from my personal experience. Always check out yelp and other online resources for reviews of other things you are interested in, because there is so much I have yet to discover. Also asking local workers and people around town is always a good idea; I got referred to see Absinthe by my hairdresser when I got my hair done at Caesars. Just walk down the strip and you will stumble into new and fun things.

When in Vegas experience as much as possible and sleep the least amount possible-so much city, so little time!


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