I Love It: Unexpected Albums

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I’ve always been a lover and follower of music. What I really love is finding an album I can listen to front to back, no skipping; Which is even better when it’s unexpected. Here’s a few albums that I really enjoy, and listen to on a regular basis:

1. Alex & Sierra- The X Factor USA

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(^Click to download album)

This soundtrack contains two of my favorite things: Duets & Covers. I’m also a sucker for singing shows, and these guys were my favorite from day 1; and they won! That NEVER happens! I really think they are going to be a huge hit in the near future, because they aren’t just talented-they’re current, which many other winners lack. They have an undeniable chemistry and are truly amazing.

Favorite Tracks: Say Something, Say My Name, Gravity…. All of them! Way too hard to choose

Not Convinced? Watch These YouTube Clips Of Them Live!

Say Something

Say My Name

2. Alex Clare- The Lateness Of The Hour

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(^Click to download album)

You definitely know his hit Too Close, but have you heard anything else by him? Before going to Coachella last year I downloaded a lot of albums from artists I wanted to see out there, and he was one of them. Besides the RHCP and Of Monsters Of Men this album was my favorite to listen to, a pleasant surprise. I have yet to stop listening to it since, it’s perfect for when I’m working on something, traveling, and just hanging out. His voice is so different and cool.

Favorite Tracks: Tight Rope, Hands Are Clever, Hummingbird


Hands Are Clever

3. Chris Rene- I’m Right Here

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 9.21.38 AM

My boyfriend gifted this album to me on accident, confusing Chris Rene with someone else, but it turned out to be a great mistake. I had been a fan of Chris Rene on the X Factor a couple years back and was completely unaware that he had even released an album. It’s only a short 8 songs but the album has good flow with a mixture of hawaiian and r&b styles. His voice is extremely unique and I very much enjoy listening to him

Favorite Tracks: Trouble, Love Me Like


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