Valentine’s Gifts For Her

vtines her

I personally love Valentine’s Day because it’s the perfect time to spoil the ones you love. Whether it’s your significant other, friends, family- giving cards, gifts, or flowers goes a long way.

Guys-leave the lingerie buying to the ladies and give her something she would really appreciate. Here’s some great gift ideas for your love interest, girlfriend, or wife that will make this year one to remember.

1. Initial Necklace or Ring I love these initial jewelry pieces from Bauble Bar. If you’re in a serious relationship opt to get her your initial instead of her own. I love my T for Teddy necklace. If you want some higher end initial jewelry check out Nordstrom or Tiffany & Co

2. Go Make Something Together Instead of buying her a candle, bottle of wine, art etc why not make an event out of it? Here in Columbus we have a really neat company called The Candle Lab where you create your own candles-if you don’t have something like this in your area check out if there are local wineries, painting classes or anything interactive that you might not normally do.

3. Perfume You’re the one who has to smell her all day, picking out a perfume you like for her can be fun. Start by checking out the new fragrances from Elizabeth and James at Sephora (Just be sure to hold onto the receipt of whatever perfume you choose in case her sense of smell is different than yours)

4. Marc Jacobs Skin Tees Does your gal love Miley Cyrus or Cara Delevingne? Then get her one of these Marc Jacobs tees, all proceeds go to the NYU Skin Cancer Institute. (Could pair nicely with some Miley Cyrus concert tickets…)

5. Get Her Dolled Up Going out to a nice dinner? If you know her dress size and style then take a note from Pretty Woman and get her a beautiful dress, like this BCBG Gown, that she wouldn’t normally own. If shopping for her yourself is a little scary, bring her friend or sister along, or even take her personally to pick one out. Getting dressed up for a night on the town is always fun. 

6. A Watch What girl doesn’t love a new watch these days? Especially when it’s from your guy. For a festive and trendy watch check out pastel/light pink ones like this Kate Spade Metro Grand Watch. If she’s not a pink gal white, silver & gold are always a good option.

7. Roadtrip/Trip I love to travel, especially with my boyfriend. But besides coming home, the worst part of traveling is planning way ahead and having to wait forever for your trip! Spontaneous trips are the absolute best and a great way to create memories. For something short drive to a nearby city for a show, dinner, anything out of the ordinary. To extend it look up cool hotels in the area and stay for the night. (For you Columbus people I suggest a Cinci trip and staying at 21C Museum Hotel). Other options could be a cabin getaway, a trip for the whole weekend to a place you both love, or flying to do something new and exciting like going to the beach, visiting good friends of hers or even Disney World (what me and Teddy are doing this Valentine’s)

Whatever you choose to do, pair it with flowers and make Valentine’s 2014 one to remember!


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