Valentine’s Gifts For Him

vtines him

Guys can be tough to gift on Valentine’s day, as girls we can’t really get away with buying them flowers and a box of chocolates. It’s our job to get a little more creative. Aside from lingerie, massage candles, & homemade dinners, there are plenty of things you can do for your guy.

1. A Ticket Stub Book with tickets to an upcoming show inside. Do you like to go to concerts with your guy? Or if you don’t but want to start the hobby, get a book to save all of your stubs so you can remember when you’re older. Check and see if any of his favorite musicians are coming to town or even a nearby town for a mini roadtrip/little adventure.

2. Homage USA Tees What guy doesn’t like getting a homage tee representing their college or favorite sports team. The fact thatValentine’s is in the middle of the Olympics makes the USA tees a perfect gift that he’ll definitely wear.

3. Cards Against Humanity If you guys like to have friends over to play games and/or drink, you definitely need to own Cards Against Humanity. It’s raunchy, inappropriate and hilarious. Give him this gift and plan for his friends to come over sometime soon.

4. Chocolate Covered Bacon Anything covered in chocolate would do, such as strawberries, rice krispies etc. But bacon is so ‘manly’ and they’d probably think it was awesome. There are plenty of online retailers but to make it even more special check out these recipes

5. Couples Massage I’ve had one couples massage with Teddy and it was amazing. It turns the somewhat awkward experience of getting a massage in a room alone with a stranger, into something you can experience together. Look around at local spas and hotels with spas- there are basic couples massages and ones that include baths and other intimate experiences, just depends on how much you’re trying to splurge

6. A Record Playerlike these from Urban Outfitters  record players are coming back and are a cool addition. Pair the record player with some cool albums like Justin Timberlake, Outkast, or classics like The Beatles.

Just remember that as girls we want to feel special on Valentine’s Day, so do something that will make your man feel special as well!


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