Last Minute Chocolate Dreams


Still trying to figure out a Valentine’s gift for a significant other, friend, or family member? Looking for an activity to do at home with others? Or just have a big sweet tooth? Why not make some homemade chocolate treats!

You can really cover anything in chocolate but I opted for Bacon, Chips & Strawberries. We knew we likes strawberries and chips but had yet to try to bacon everyone is raving about


What You Need:

  • Melting Chocolate-I opted for Dark Ghiradelli
  • Lays Potato Chips
  • Strawberries
  • Bacon
  • White Chocolate Chips (optional)
  • Crushed Nut Pieces (optional)
  • Crushed M&M Pieces (optional)


If you have a double boiler use that, but if you don’t you can easily make a homemade one like me. Fill a saucepan about halfway with water, place a skillet large enough to sit on top over it and bring water to a mild boil. Place dark chocolate wafers into pan and stir continuously with a spatula until melted


Once melted dip whatever you have chosen (continuing to stir in-between). For chips lay in pan carefully and move chocolate over top covering whole chip with chocolate. Once covered use tongs to gently remove.


Bacon you can do the same way or leave a small handle not covered with chocolate. Strawberries are basic, just roll around in the chocolate while holding onto the stem.


For nut and M&M toppings you must add them right after dipping in chocolate


For white chocolate chips, place in bowl and heat in microwave following package instructions. You can drip designs with a spoon or get crafty and place some into a ziploc bag and cut the corner off.


Eat warm and place in fridge to harden & enjoy! (I like them both ways)


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