eSalon Custom Hair Color Review


I am a serial hair changer and after going almost a year of staying away from hair color, I decided to go back to the dark side. I’ve been blonde, black, brown, red, auburn-you name it. I’ve gotten it done at the salon, used boxes from the drug store-let’s just say over the past 10 years there’s been a lot of hair color in my life.

I had heard about eSalon and thought why not try it out? Obviously going darker is the easiest, especially with a simple medium/dark brown, so if you wanted to go lighter it would be a little more of a dare. I went through a series of personalized questions and they came up with the perfect dye solution for me. The kit itself came with the essentials: two color bottles, one for roots and one for ends, shampoo & conditioner, gloves, etc. and simple instructions (approx $20).  Then I paid an extra I believe $4 for a hair color bowl, brush, clips, & times (completely worth it). It was fast, easy, and my hair feels and looks like I got it professionally done.

Approx Time: 45 Minutes


Hair Color Kit-my name was even printed on the bottles. Loved the presentation


My Personalized Instructions (the date is old because I formulated this color for myself last year)


Add On Kit


The clips they provided were extremely helpful in dividing my hair into 4 sections. In the past I’ve used random shaped and sized clips around the house-these were a million times better.  Taking down and putting back up each section was simple and effective.


For my root color, which you put on for an extra 15 minutes to start, I mixed it in the bowl and used the hair color brush. This helped me really get to the root and spread it out.

When it came to doing my ends, I stuck to the standard mix it in the bottle and applied it with my fingers. This system worked really well for me & I highly recommend it.


After doing the roots and ends processes, I put my hair up into a bun and squeezed some of the excess dye into the bun and really let it saturate.


My hair color is rich, shows natural highlights, and left my hair feeling soft and new. I give eSalon a 10 out of 10 and will definitely be using them in the future!



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