Weekly Links: Marketing


1. Today’s the last day for Kenzo’s innovative and awesome pop-up ‘shop’ in Paris. Every time someone makes a purchase from their #NoFishNoNothing collection or posts a photo of the shop on Instagram with the hashtag, a fish is added to the virtual aquarium. So cool! Learn more about it here

2. It might not be good timing considering she now has a bun in the oven, but I love that Jim Beam chose Mila Kunis as their new spokesperson. I myself am a whiskey drinker and it’s about time they marketed to the whiskey girls.

3. I have been a fan of Old Spice commercials and marketing for years. That would be one fun marketing team to work for, and their newest ads have taken the cake. If you haven’t seen the Smellcome To Manhood commercials yet, please indulge

4. Packaging is one of my favorite things to look at. I buy items strictly on good packaging sometimes, and I’m sure you have too. A new cold press juice bar in Columbus called Native Cold Pressed has such great packaging that I had to share.

5. Have you seen Kate Spade’s new line Saturday? I’m in love and think it was a great move for the brand to make. Their marketing for this line is on point and makes me want to own every piece in the collection! Saturday is Dance Parties

6. Who isn’t a fan of Mayhem? All State has done such a good job in the commercial department and it’s all thanks to this guy. Ever wonder who he is? What he’s all about? Read these fun facts about the ruthless character




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