Cucumber Turkey Sammie


What You Need:

1 Cucumber
Tomato Slices
1/2 Avocado
Deli Style Smoked Turkey Breast
Robert Rothschild Farm Sweet Red Pepper Spread


1. Peel The Cucumber of its skin and continue to peel all around to make it a little smaller (easier to bite)

2. Slice cucumber in half, if halves still look a little to thick then continue to slice down


3. Spread thin layer of Red Pepper Spread on one half

4. Place thin avocado slices on other half


5. Place thin tomato slices on top of Red Pepper Spread

6. Place desired amount of turkey great on top of Avocado


7. Squish together!

**Eating tips: It can be messy so I opt to cut the entire ‘sandwich’ into halves, it also could be wise to wrap bottom of half you’re eating in paper towel and move it down as you go to keep everything in (such as a Jimmy Johns unwich)


ENJOY! It is super delicious!

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