Local Spots: Replenish The Spa

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At the age of 25, my skin is not in the best condition. One of my goals for the year is to get my skin where it needs to be, smooth and even. One step I decided to take when discovering my skin was to get a facial, but not just any facial. I wanted to search around the web and see what all Columbus had to offer. That’s when I stumbled upon Replenish The Spa Co-op . Their website had me sold. The pictures, the staff bios, the services-it seemed like just what I needed; & I was correct. I had an absolutely wonderful experience & I would recommend this spa to anyone and everyone in the Columbus area!

Replenish is located in the midst of city life, where those moving with purpose can discover their moment of stillness.

 We are a space inspiring authentic beauty and healthy living.  Our experienced licensed therapist carefully consider your needs individually. We love to integrate all of your senses, incorporating organic products and local elements whenever possible to help reconnect you to a more centered place.Interested to replenish with us?”
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Walking through the front door of this beautiful free standing house in the middle of downtown, it was love at first sight. There were so many things to look at; products, decor, chalk boards. It was busy, but the perfect kind of busy. I was warmly greeted and asked to sit and wait in a cozy room downstairs where they had tea, books & products you could look around at. After a few minutes I was then directed upstairs where I sat in a sitting area in the hallway for a couple minutes. The decor continued upstairs, it was very comfortable; it didn’t feel stale and typical like most spas I’ve visited.
The ‘bedrooms’ served as different rooms for different services.Once I got into my room I was greeted by Deja, she was very kind and conversated with me about what would be going on, how I heard about them & what my reasoning was for coming in. After some talking she left the room where I then changed into a robe and headband. She came back in, put on some lovely calming music and started off the session with me picking a flower and her reading what that meant about me. The flower was centered around love, which I feel was the perfect description of me at that time and a great way to start things off.
Then the facial began. I opted to get the Himalayan Superfruit Facial . It’s a spring facial that is packed with super fruits, so I thought it would be the perfect spring refresh. The aromas, the feelings, the refresh was all perfect. I could feel the life being put back into my face. There was even an arm, hand & foot massage; something I was not anticipating. I really didn’t want it to be over. When it was, she talked to me about how my face was dehydrated and then gave her recommendations on the skincare I should use. She didn’t push the product on me though, she was very quick to say that whenever I’m ready to invest in them, or if I ever wanted to, that the product list would be on my profile.
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I highly recommend checking this place out! If you aren’t looking to have a facial they have a long list of services, all of which I definitely hope to try out in the future. I am mostly intrigued by their massage, energy & sleep services. For more detailed descriptions of their services Go HERE and click on the area you’re most interested in. There’s a wide variety of options, including fast cheap options to the splurge worthy longer options, something for everyone!
Located downtown in the heart of Columbus at 124 S. Washington Avenue

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