Summer Goals

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.26.16 PM

Creating goals and lists is always a great way to keep yourself on track. Don’t leave resolutions for the New Year, summer is a great time to reinvent and rejuvenate yourself. Here are my some of my summer/rest of the year goals-& I will try my hardest to accomplish each and every one

1. Send more snail mail (physical & virtual) to friends

2. Simply Say Yes. Step out of my comfort zone

3. Start to learn a new language-currently struggling between building on my Spanish base or starting French or Italian

4. Dust off my sewing machine & get to work

5. Learn Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator better

6. Take better care of my skin

7. Run more often, do Pilates everyday

8. Read at least 5 books

9. Write more inspirational pieces

10. Get promoted at work

11. Eat less red meat & sugar

12. Go on a camping trip

13. Have more in depth conversations with the people I meet

14. Spend more time with my family

15. Support more local businesses

16. Find new ways to help/volunteer in my local community


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