Garden Black Bean Salsa

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I saw a lot of different variations of this Garden Black Bean Salsa floating around over 4th of July weekend, & everyone was asking how it’s made. It’s such a simple delicious dish to whip up for any occasion, and it appeals to many as it’s Gluten Free & Vegetarian.

I think this version is not only the tastiest, but the simplest as well!

 What You Need:

15 oz Can Of Black Beans

1 Cup of Golden Corn (uncooked, I used from can)

1 Small/Medium Orange Bell Pepper

1/3 Cup Of Diced Red Onion

3-4 Roma Tomatoes

1 Medium/Large Avocado

1/3 Cup Cilantro Leaves

1/2 Orange

Lime Juice

Ground Cumin



1. For the black beans, place in strainer and rinse with water and then place in large bowl

2. Drain the corn and add to bowl

3. Chop bell pepper, onion, tomato, & avocado into small pieces and add to bowl

4. Add cilantro leaves to bowl

Next We Add Some Sweetness



5. Take 1/2 an orange and squeeze it over your mixture. Don’t wring the orange dry, but squeeze a decent amount

6. Take lime juice and give one little squirt from bottle, or use 1/2 of a real lime & do the same as the orange above

7. Add a dash of cumin & a dash of salt

8. Stir with spoon

IMG_8655 copy

Serve with tortilla chips & enjoy!


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