Gifts For The Traveler


1. Cardholder (Alexander McQueen $175)

Traveling with a bulky wallet is a hassle. After receiving an Alexander McQueen cardholder as a gift, I have never gone back to the wallet life (cheaper option here:Kate Spade $48)

2. Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Sony via Amazon $80)

I love a good pair of headphones, but music is more fun when shared with others. This makes it easy to do anywhere & is splash proof!

3. Portable Charger (Mophie $40)

Mophie is the best thing to happen to traveling with electronics, & this is an awesome keychain version! Portably charge your phone, laptop, iPad etc.

4. Carry-On Luggage (DVF $139 ON SALE)

I love having unique carry on luggage. It’s fun, functional & easy to spot if you decide to check it

5. Travel Journal (kikki.K $50)

For someone with a terrible memory like me, a travel journal is essential. Going back through them is always so much fun, especially when it’s from your Spring Break senior year of College

6. Passport Cover (kikki.K $40)

Who wouldn’t want a chic passport cover? & it can even match your travel journal

7. Fuzzy Light Weight Jacket (Patagonia $200)

This Patagonia jacket is one of my favorite items to have. It is very versatile in all seasons and weather, super cozy while on a plane and can be taken off and used as a small blanket or pillow while traveling

 8. Airline Gift Card / Frequent Flyer Points (I Prefer Southwest)

Do they have a specific airline they like to fly, such as Southwest? Buy them a gift card to go towards their next trip. Or if you have frequent flyer points, I’m sure they’d be happy to take some off of your hands


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