A Low Key Columbus Valentine



Need some Valentine’s day inspiration Columbus residents? Save the dressy dates and fancy times for a spontaneous day and keep Valentine’s simple & local this year…while of course still keeping the romance & fun alive. Whether you’ll be spending it with your special someone, a date, friends or just want to treat yo self. Here’s a few simple and low key ideas of things to get, or do, with whomever you choose to spend this loving holiday with!

1. Flowers: I’m a sucker for a good bouquet of flowers. You can bring them to your lover, friends, family or yourself! Steer clear of ordering online and go to/call a local flower shop that will create a unique and stunning arrangement. It will make such more of a lasting impression, trust me. My favorite is RoseBredl in the Short North, who doesn’t love a brown paper wrapped bouquet? Oh and it’s okay to not get roses fellas, there are so many beautiful and colorful flowers out there.

2. Baked Goods: No I wouldn’t deny a box of chocolates, but a box of baked goods is just as good. Get a box full of yummy macarons from Pistacia Vera, cupcakes from Kittie’s Cakes or an array of gluten-free yummy’s from Cherbourg Bakery, or visit these places while strolling German Village or downtown Bexley. They can be enjoyed together or alone 😉

3. Quirky Cards & Gifts: Tigertree in the Short North is the perfect place to pick up a silly nontraditional Valentines day card for anyone in your life. There’s also a ton of fun little gifts that could go along with it. You may think cards are old school but they’re the perfect small gesture to show someone you care.

4. A Twist On Classic Jewelry: Shiny new jewelry is always loved, but have you ever seen the massive amount of amazing estate jewelry at Grandview Mercantile? A beautiful ring can be given without it being the ring guys. Pick out a unique piece for a loved one, let them pick one out themselves, buy yourself a piece, or even just browse the shop while strolling through the Short North to pick something out for your home or maybe piece together your imaginary home together. It’s always a fun time.

5. Laid Back Eats: Have you tried out the new Tatoheads spot? Eaten at the delicious and unique The Crest? Westies Gastropub in German Village? What about picking up some pre-made goods at The Hills Market Downtown? There’s plenty of low key dinner date places that can still be a fun and romantic experience without the need to dress up or be quiet and serious.

6. Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate: Let’s not leave chocolate out of the equation. Get some unique and yummy local treats from Le Chocolique in the Short North/Easton or Winans in German Village. These would also be great places to visit together and have a drink or two along with it.

7. The North Market/Short North: This could be a the perfect place to go with anyone as it has an array of options. Go around exploring different foods, eat some there, get more to go. It doesn’t get more local and fun than this. Make sure you don’t leave without a bottle of wine…or two, or three.

For some more great local date ideas check out Girl About Columbus! Have a happy day of love!



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